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Rain Flowers


  • How far in advance should I book?
    The sooner the better! I open up my calendar a year in advance to accept orders. For orders with already dried flowers, I recommend booking as soon as possible.
  • Can you work with already-dried flowers?
    Yes! It is time to dust off your bouquet that has been hanging for years and create a special resin keepsake! Let me work my magic and turn your dusty bouquet into an art piece to display. If you are unsure if I can work with them, feel free to email me photos at, or through facebook messenger. Clearly Preserved is not responsible for any mold, rotting, dust or hairs that are within the flowers that we cannot see.
  • What is your turnaround time?
    On average, expect about a 21 day turnaround time, however, this is not an exact timeline. This process is lengthy when done right, so I do not accept rush-orders. I want to make sure all the details of your forever resin piece are perfect before shipping to you.
  • How will I get my bouquet/flowers to you?
    I will explain how to get your flowers to me safely and quickly. I ship across NZ, but am based in Cambridge, Waikato. I accept drop off/pickup options for locals. Just send me an email at to arrange details. I want to make the process as stress-free as possible! *Disclaimer* If a bouquet arrives without prior communication i will be in contact as it might not be possible to do it and they will be sent back at the clients cost. Clearly Preserved is not responsible for wilted or damaged flowers within the bouquet that is sent back without a date scheduled & order placed. Clearly preserved is also not responsible for any damage to the bouquet while in transit/delivery.
  • When should I get my bouquet to you?
    To have the most prime resin piece with the liveliest flowers, we require that they arrive no later than 24-48 after the wedding. I dry the flowers using a unique technique that preserves the color. This process will only work if the flowers are not already wilting.
  • Do I need to dry my flowers beforehand?
    I have a unique way of drying flowers that preserves the careful detail of each flower, while also drying them thoroughly to preserve them perfectly. However, if you cannot get them to us 2 days after the wedding, we can send you information on how to dry them yourself and get them ready for shipment for a later date.
  • How do I keep my flowers in prime condition until time of shipment?
    It is very important to take special care of your flowers the day of the event. It is quite normal for the flowers to be moved around & used as they are supposed to be used! However, avoid touching the flower petals and throwing the bouquet if possible. If you do a bouquet toss at your wedding, consider buying an artificial bouquet or a mini bouquet to throw instead. Some bruising on flower petals is unavoidable (very similar to bruising on a banana) and I think it adds some character, but to decrease the chances of them bruising, handle them gently. The bruises will not be seen until they are layered in resin. Keep the flower stems in water until time of shipment for optimal flower condition!
  • Will all of my flowers be used?
    Upon arrival, I will assess every one of your flowers carefully and will pick the most beautiful and healthy blooms/greenery to include in your designs! If you are wanting to get the most out of your flowers, I suggest upgrading in size of the resin block. I do not ship extra flowers back.
  • Where should I display my resin piece?
    Resin boxes are self-standing, and I recommend displaying it in a location where it will be seen and enjoyed the most but left out of direct sunlight. Combining your custom heirloom with wedding photos in a special place is a beautiful idea!
  • Does resin yellow over time?
    The simple answer is yes, like photos or art that are exposed to UV light, resin will also age overtime with a yellower base tone to it - creating a vintage feel to the piece. Instructions on how to care and store you piece is included, and quality resin is used to help slow this process down.
  • How do I take care of my resin piece?
    Each piece is made with high-quality resin that is very durable, but it still needs to be handled with care. The suggestions are very simple. Please keep your piece out of direct sunlight for optimal protection. You may also wipe down your piece occasionally by using a lint-less cloth.
  • Will my piece change over time?
    The resin I use to preserve your flowers is clear, free of VOCs and very high-quality. It provides a three-dimensional experience of viewing your wedding flowers. Over time, the resin might develop a slight amber-like glow. I think this adds a beautiful, vintage element to it. Disclaimer: resin yellowing is an inevitable effect from the natural aging of your product. The best way to prevent this from happening is to leave it out of any kind of direct sunlight. I am not responsible for the natural effects of aging in your product.
  • Where am I based?
    I am based in Cambridge, Waikato, but can ship all over New Zealand!
  • Do red flowers/roses darken when dried?
    Yes! Red roses will grow a much deeper red which I think looks beautiful. Just know that it will get darker.
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