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Floral Display

Pricing & Sizes

You will notice there is a range in the price indication, price range is there as a guide as it depends if you have fresh or dried flowers and how much resin/depth is required. Fresh flowers include the preservation process, dried flowers don't require this.

Additional costs can include, colours, foils, vinyl writing and postage.


Contact me to discuss specifics or book in via the Booking Form tab.

Wedding Decorations

Square Blocks

x-large $500-$600 31cm x 31cm

large $300-$400 25cm x 25cm

Medium $180-$200 15cm x 15cm

Cube $80-$100  9cm x 10cm

The depth of this mould will dictate which types of flowers can be cast fully in it, some designs can be created with flowers coming out of the resin for more of a 3D effect, while remaining protected with layers of resin.


Rectangle Block

Rectangle Block $200-$250

23cm x 16cm is perfect for a selection of flowers and has great depth to it for larger flowers!



Large Circle $250-$280

Small Circle $120-$180

Large Circle is 24cm in diameter circle. A great way to showcase your flowers in your home!

Small Circle is 15cm in diameter. 

Book Ends

Beautiful way to add botanicals to your books!

Display those memories proudly.

Set of Book ends $180 - $250


Smaller items

The perfect gifts and small objects to remember your special day.

Keychain $20 (letter or circle)

Ring Holder $65 

Jewellery Dish $25 (heart or square)

Coasters set of 4 $80

Vinyl application $10

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