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Flower Preservation and Resin Casting

Clearly Preserved specializes in, and has a passion for being creative and believing that gorgeous moments and people in our lives should be remembered. 

We use dried or fresh flowers and preserve them using silica gel, then cast them in resin to create beautiful display art. 


Why not preserve your wedding bouquet or special occasion flowers into an Art piece that you can cherish forever.  The end product can be adapted to style, size and budget. From big blocks to key chains there are lots of options. These make wonderful gifts for friends and family also, to clearly preserve their memories of the day.

Not just flowers, we also work in partnership with clients to create memorial pieces, birthdays, births, funerals, and special creative gifts. 


Have a look at the FAQ as there is a lot of information in there you need to know.

Fill out Booking Form or Contact me to talk about your needs, from wedding flowers, to sentimental ones. Book in early to reserve your spot! 

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How it happens!

From wedding bouquets to special occasion flowers, these flowers get sent or dropped off as soon as possible, the fresher, the better!

Once received, these flowers are individually placed into silica gel to preserve. This process takes at least 14 days to complete depending on the type of flowers. This process takes the moisture out of the flowers while leaving the shape and colour.


Once preserved, they are then arranged into a beautiful setting and cast in resin. This process is done slowly and in small layers to take as much care as possible. Each layer is left to set, and then another layer is poured until the final stage is completed. 

This process can take up to two weeks, depending on the final desired depth and result.


Once this is all set, the casting is ready for you to pick up or have couriered back to you. All of this process is hand done and your piece is hand crafted, there will be minor bubbles and faults that cant be stopped completely - all care and detail is taken to create a unique piece that captures the special memories.